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Behind the brand

Our Mission

At Total Taboo, we believe beauty shouldn’t be defined by what society labels acceptable. Our mission is to bring total equality into body care with authenticity, sincerity, and pride.

We live in a taboos world where people's lifestyles and habits are scorned by society and thought to be unhealthy and impure. Our vision is to provide products that encourage you to lead your lifestyle, regardless of where that may take you or how others perceive it.

Our Vision

Our Values


We believe that integrity is the cornerstone of a successful business. Our values are reflected in our relationships with customers, vendors, and the communities we serve.



We take great pride in the products we create and want you to feel special every time you use them. Our products are handmade with love in small batches to ensure you receive the highest quality.



We believe that we are all equal human beings and that we should treat everyone with the utmost respect, whether through our words or actions.



We want you to feel like we're your own private company by offering a unique and personalized customer experience. We don't see you as a number. We believe we are creating a sense of community.

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